Thursday, November 24, 2005

Jordan Becomes the First Arab State To Declare War On Terror

(Note: This may be the most important article I have ever posted. It has been written with fear and trembling).

AP has released remarkable story today. It is so full of hope and is such a wonderful Thanksgiving Day present that I'm about to bust....and I haven't even eaten dinner yet!

On the other hand the implications of this story may be almost apocalyptic.

I have always known that, at some point, an Arab nation would be pushed to the point of saying, "Enough!" to the likes of bin Laden, Zarqawi and the so-called theological school of thought that justifies their use of lethal force against anyone that may be considered to be an infidel....even other Muslims.

Well, today the time has come. King Abdullah II of Jordan has said, "Enough!"

Here are some excerpts from the story:

AMMAN, Jordan (AP) -- Jordan's King Abdullah II appointed a new prime minister Thursday and urged him to launch an all-out war against Islamic militancy in the wake of the deadly triple hotel bombings earlier this month....

(We reaffirm) our need to adopt a comprehensive strategy to confront the Takfiri culture," Abdullah said, referring to the ideology adopted by al-Qaida and other Islamic militants who condone the killing of those they consider infidels.

Abdullah said the strategy should "not only deal with the security dimension, but also the ideological, cultural and political spheres to confront those who choose the path of destruction and sabotage to reach their goals."

The king called for a "relentless war on all the Takfiri schools, which embrace extremism, backwardness, isolation and darkness and are fed on the ignorance and naivete of simple people."

I have no doubt that Abdullah's father, the late King Hussein, would be proud of his son today. I am, too.

By God's grace, other Arab nations will follow suit.

War has been declared. As a direct result there will be much violence in the Arab Middle East.

Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia will be hit hardest at first. It is uncertain whether the government in Egypt, in particular, will be able to stand.

The goal of the Bin Laden's, the Zawahiri's and the Wahabbi, Takfiri, Muslim Brotherhood and Taliban ideologies is to remove the governments of every Muslim nation, replace those governments with a unified rule under Sharia law, and, ultimately, to remove national boundaries entirely, thereby creating a vast, pan-Muslim "empire" that will sweep across the world for Islam.

To use a word that is anathema to them, these folks are "crusaders" in the worst sense of the word.

Western nations will be hard-pressed to step in and assist these soon-to-be embattled nations, yet great restraint must be shown lest the Muslim populations be swayed on impulse to join the Islamists simply to resist the "non-Muslim infidels."

This new "war" must be fought between Muslim and Muslim; Imam and Imam.

The violence, however, will likely spread across Europe and Asia (including the southern republics of the former Soviet Union) all the way to the Philippines.

It is also likely that the intentional and strategic freeze on direct attacks on the United States (a strategy designed to prevent any rise in support for the war in Iraq) will also be swept away.

In the end, only God and Muslims will be able to resolve this matter.

Until now, however, it has all been pre-game warm-up.

What King Abdullah has done today may, in retrospect, be seen as the game's opening kick-off.