Thursday, November 24, 2005

Being Thankful In Hawaii

Image hosted by Today is Thanksgiving and the Honolulu Advertiser published two pages of letters to the editor from local people telling what they are thankful for. The names of the letter-writers have their own stories to tell. Their names represent the story of Hawaii. Indeed, they are Hawaii. For the privilege of living among them….for this I am Thankful!

Hale, Buss, Medeiros, Yang, Spadavecchia, White, Mori, Rieben, Perry, Gibbons, Lui-Kwan, Choy, Lihilihi, Eng, Powell, Sussman, Ruidas, Sawyer, Koki, Tenn, Villalino, Sandry, Cassen, Levey, Ballucanag, Grotstein, Aldenderfer, Aki, Abraham, Cazinha, Guerrero, Rarangol, & Fujiyoshi.