Saturday, August 27, 2005

Palestinians Angry That They Will Lose Jobs & Medical Care Now That Israel Has Withdrawn From Gaza

It is no secret that most of the Palestinian anger over the "wall" being built around Israel is not about land, but about jobs, medical services and the marketing of Palestinian goods.

Yesterday, Little Green Footballs had a post that pointed this out quite nicely:

Palestinians fear Gaza health crisis after Israeli pullout.

GAZA CITY (AFP) - Palestinian medical experts fear a looming health crisis after Israel’s pullout from the Gaza Strip unless patients are guaranteed access to life-saving treatment beyond the territory.
While Israel regards its departure from Gaza as signalling the end of its 38-year occupation, the Palestinians argue that Israel willremain an occupying power as long as it retains control of its borders and is thus still obliged to meet the health needs of the local population.

“I fear a worsening of the health situation after the withdrawal from Gaza as a result of the Israeli cordon,” said Dr Majdishur, president of the Palestinian relief committees.“Israel is refusing to recognise its obligations as a continuing occupation power by meeting basic health needs of the population and we do not foresee a resumption of proper freedom of movement in the short term,” he told AFP.
(emphasis mine)

Let me see. You mean Israel was providing medical services to Palestinians within their settlements in Gaza? And they have been allowing Palestinians into Israel and providing medical services to them there as well? Huh? I thought that the Israelis were perpetrating a "holocaust" against the Palestinian people.....not trying to keep them healthy!

How unkind of the Jews to pull out of Gaza and take their medical services with them! That just proves how uncaring and hateful they are towards the Palestinians.

We all remember that sad case of the Palestinian woman who had been badly burned in a household accident. The Israelis allowed to her to cross back and forth across the border so that she could receive medical treatment at an Israeli hospital. One day she was stopped at the border and arrested! For what? For carrying a bomb under her coat! Her plan was to enter the hospital and blow herself up, hopefully killing as many of the hospital personnel as possible....the same folks who had been providing medical care for her.

How typical of the Israeli border guards to prevent her from receiving her needed medical care. How unjust of them to use "racial profiling" and "force" to keep her from exercizing her right to free travel and access to a hospital. The woman was so angry that she tried (unsuccessfully) to blow herself up in her holding area. That, too, was sooo unfair!

After all, if it doesn't come out that way you want it to come must be Israel's fault!

LGF sums this up nicely in the post's heading:

"Palestinians: We Hate You, Now Give Us Jobs and Hospitals"

Oh, I almost forgot. The jobs! It is another little secret that the Palestinian economy is virtually completely dependent upon Israel. Many Palestinians were employed by the Jewish settlements in Gaza. Many more have held jobs in Israel, commuting back and forth over the border each day. Fruits, vegetables and crafts have also found their only real market in Israel as well.

With the increase in border security, the construction of the "wall" and the pullout from Gaza, Palestinians have found themselves increasingly cut out, economically.

Once again, LGF captures this situation quite succinctly:

And if that isn’t brazen enough, they’re also complaining that they’re losing their jobs: Gaza father wonders when work will come.

As it is, Palestinians celebrate their second Intifada, rejoice in every suicide bombing and rocket attack that kills Israelis and attend Friday worship each week and nod their heads in agreement as their religious leaders (the Muslim ones) and political leaders call for death to the Jews, dream of pushing them into the sea and vow to one day "return" the land of Israel the Palestinian people,.

Yet they find no irony in getting angry at Israel for not providing them free border access, free medical care, free employment opportunities and an open market for their goods.

The border security and the "wall" have also isolated the Palestinians from another major source of income: tourism. It has become virtually impossible for those touring within Israel to gain access to the holy sites in Bethlehem. Many Palestinians have done quite well, plying their trade in crafts and curios in that small town, just seven miles south of Jerusalem.

How long can Israel allow their next door neighbors continue to take money and services with one hand while throwing rocks and bombs at them with the other?

When my Daughter #1 became a teenager, my wonderful wife and I bought a book entitled:

"Get Out of My Life, But First Could You Drive Me & Cheryl to the Mall: A Parent's Guide to the New Teenager."

It's enough to make me wonder if the Palestinian people are being "governed" by a bunch of teenagers!