Tuesday, April 17, 2007

One Thumb Down for Michael Medved & the VT Shootings

Yesterday morning, as the shocking news of the Virginia Tech shootings began to ooze its way through the media, talk show host Michael Medved picked up on the initial description of the shooter as being "Asian." "Could this mean 'Asian' as in Chinese or Japanese?" Medved asked, "or as in Indian or Pakistani?"

Medved then went on to speculate as to whether the shooter was possibly a Muslim linked with terrorism.

While I appreciate Medved's transparency in opening his mind to us and letting his stream of consciousness fall out of his head through his mouth I do wish he would have stuck his foot in it a little more tightly and held his peace . . . at least on this matter.

Wild speculations serve no purpose in covering an unfolding news story. It is always best to let the facts come out and deal with them as the pieces of the story add up and begin to form a coherent picture of what has taken place.

Medved stirred up trouble where none was necessary. He conjured up fear and anxiety where none was called for. The facts of yesterday's tragedy provided more than enough fodder for any talk show host. To create a speculative scenario out of thin air was, at the worst, irresponsible, and, at the best, simply bad form.

One thumb down for the mispoken Michael Medved on yesterday's show.