Friday, April 06, 2007

Easter Poem for 2007

Each year I write a new Easter poem. This year's came by accident. After a long, early morning walk (due to a short-term medical condition that disrupted my sleep-cyle) I sat down and began to jot down a few pre-dawn thoughts.

I was surprised when the thoughts immediately became a poem and even more surprised when it concluded as an Easter poem! My muse was clearly having a good day! (I only write what I am told, you know!)

Here it is. Perhaps a part of it will speak to your own life and the words and Word that make you who you are.

Poetry & Prose-ac

It seems to me . . . almost . . .
As if most poets are depressed;
Throwing words around like Prozac
To distract, to hide or to cure
Their malady.

Such pills have, for some,
The power to be recycled for use
By others who eat them chew them
Swallow them for both immediate and
Timed relief.

I, too, find words to be reusable.
Some I rework into the threads
Of new ideas where they find new
Contexts in which to burst forth
And flower.

Other words I use more sparingly,
Like precious gems in short supply.
Like diamonds such words can cut through
Glass and steel plate but must be used
With caution.

With words I question God and then
With other words (and some the same)
I answer my own questions from the Word
That has been given me
From above.

Still other words fly out, returning
Void to void, increasing nothingness
To infinite proportions. Yet from the void
God spoke his Word and began
The beginning.

Every word comes from Word and carries
Within a spark of life and light and hope.
Each word has the potential and promise
To create new worlds and universes
Within us.

Depressed? Don’t simply take a pill . . .
Take a word or two or three and string
Them together into the shape of a cross
Perhaps or, better yet, an
Empty tomb.

-Jim Tweedie, March 6, 2007