Thursday, February 08, 2007

British Security Forces Led by Keystone Kops?

Gee, they are getting good press all the time: British security teams break up one terrorist plot after another, saving the airport, saving power plants, saving the necks of Muslim soldiers in the British Army. Or so it seems.

Lately, it is the accumulation of bumbling, bogus and befuddling busts that has been getting my attention.

How can we forget the young man who police shot dead on an underground carriage when they mistakenly took him for a fugitive terrorist.

Then there were the two brothers last July whose apartment was attacked in broad daylight with one of the men being shot by police as they supposedly attempted to break up a terrorist ring. Both men were quickly released after the police could not provide any evidence to a court that they were guilty of anything.

Now, after making international headlines over having supposedly breaking up another terror plot to kidnap and behead a British soldier who happens to be a Muslim, it appears that once again the noose is unravelling before our very eyes.

Today, two of the nine Muslim men arrested as suspects in the beheading plot were told by a judge to go back home. It seems that, after seven days in police custody, the men had only been interrogated for two hours and that the police had never even questioned them about reason for which they had been arrested.
The same judge has given police only 72 more hourse to present evidence against the other seven men or else she will probably let them go, too!

And to think that these arrests were described by the British Home Office as being part of a "major counterterrorism operation" with the arrests representing "the foothills of a very major investigation."

Is British intelligence making "mountains out of molehills?"

What next, cream pies and fire hoses?