Thursday, October 19, 2006

CNN Replaces Al-Jazeera As Terrorist's Propaganda Outlet of Choice

Move over Al-Jazeerah, CNN has decided that they should be the one's serving up the terrorist propaganda to the people of America.

But not just any old propaganda, either. CNN has now posted an on-line propaganda video made specifcally for an American audience by an Iraqi "insurgent" group calling itself the "Islamic Army of Iraq." The video clearly states that it is part of a PR campaign designed to influence public opinion in America.

The video gives American viewers the opportunity of watching American soldiers being shot down by Iraqi snipers.

Have you ever wondered how your close friend, husband or brother died in Iraq? Well, CNN may well be airing the actual moment of death for your friend or loved one.

I guess pictures of the caskets of slain U.S. troops are too tame these days. We now get to see them actually die.

Courtesy of the ones who murdered them.

Courtesy of CNN.