Saturday, February 18, 2006

Hamas Takes Power In Palestine

Today the newly elected representatives to the Palestinian Authority were seated in parliament. Hamas, of course, now holds the majority and will be forming a new government as soon as it can.

This means, of course, that Iran is no longer the world's only explicitly Islamist state. Countries such as Saudi Arabia are virtual Islamist states but places like Syria and Libya are simply totalitatian regimes as Iraq was until three years ago.

Hamas rejected an appeal to preserve and respect all legally signed treaties between Palestine and Israel. The Oslo Accords and the "Roadmap to Peace" have now been officially discarded into the ashheap of history.

As usual, Hamas is saying that, as the officially and democratically-elected government of Palestine it should continue to be recognized and supported by the very governments it spits on at every opportunity. They will even mouth words of "peace" and "cease fire" but always in the context of "I voted for peace BEFORE I slaughtered every Israeli Jew I could find."

The Palestinian people must learn that, to exist in the world of nations, they cannot have it both ways. They must either accept Israel's right to exist and cease their support for terror or be cut off completely from the civilized world.

Once again the Palestinians have chosen to self-destruct. Yassir Arafat is gone along with the PLO and the domination of Fatah. But Hamas will surely bring destruction and death and further deterioration of the Palestinian people whether they turn out to be corrup or not.