Saturday, February 18, 2006

Muslims Riot In Nigeria Killing Christians & Burning Churches

If you think that the world-wide Muslim demonstrations have anything to do with Danish cartoon caracatures of Muhammed then you are sadly mistaken.

Consider Northern Nigeria today. Supposedly angry about the cartoons Nigerian Muslims rampaged through Maiduguri with machetes and iron bars today, beating and murdering Christian residents, looting Christian-owned businesses and burning churches. One reporter saw the crown force a car tire over one man, douse him with gasoline and set him on fire. At least ten people were killed, including three children and a priest.

What this has to do with Danish cartoons is beyond me. The cartoons have clearly become an excuse for violence against Christianity and Western Civilization. Those killed in Nigeria today were not Danes but Black Nigerians.

In Pakistan earlier this week, McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken franchises were destroyed and future demonstrations (one is planned every other day) will be designed to weaken and eventually bring down the government of Musharrif. What does this have to do with cartoons?

Image hosting by PhotobucketDemonstrators in Pakistan hold signs neatly caligraphied in English by a well-organized radical Islamist machine. One even carried a sign saying, "God bless Adolf Hitler." What does this have to do with cartoons?

In England, 15,000 Muslims marched in London but the demonstration was hardly spontaneous. Buses brought most of the participants from all over the country, a strategic deployment of radicalized Muslims coordinated by some centralized leadership organization.

The Nazis organized similar demonstrations in Germany during the 1930's claiming that they proved that the hatred of the Jews was a deep-set and widely-held belief among Germans. The German people were suckered into believing this propoganda so, when Jews began to be attacked, few said anything because they (wrongly) believed that everyone else hated the Jews.

Most Muslims are not supporting these demonstrations but there is no organized leadership to oppose them. We must not be suckered like pre-WW II Germany into believing that what we are seeing is a grass-roots groundswell of Islamic power.

The power is there but it is not in the crowds we are seeing on TV . . . it is in the Imams and members of radical Muslim groups (such as Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda, etc.) who are brokering the power. Like the seeds of weeds buried in the garden soil, they cannot be seen until they sprout up and show themselves.

These radical instigators are keeping a very low profile and frequently working through local "small fry" to lead the public planning. They hope to remain invisible and anonymous as long as possible. When accused they will proclaim their innocence and bring forth charges of "anti-Muslim racism."

Jesus said that, at the end of history, at the time of "harvest," the weeds will be separated from the good grain.

In today's world, however, when the weeds are threatening to overwhelm the good grain it behooves us as nations responsible for the defense and welfare of a vulnerable citizenry, to begin the process of agressive weeding as quickly as possible. More than likely the weeds will seem like there will never be an end to them. But they must be contained. They are weeds. They are determined to supplant the harvest. Evil has sown a wind. We must respond with a whirlwind.

The whirlwind will not always need to be a violent response. But it must be decisive and clear in its objective. Christianity, the West and the world are under seige. Without countermeasures we will be overwhelmed and reduced to conversion to Islam, dhimitude or death.