Monday, January 23, 2006

Nothing To Say

I've been gone for the past week attending a two-day seminar and church meetings in Los Angeles. I also enjoyed some time with Daughter #1 including a long visit to the Getty Museum.

Now that I am home I have scanned all the past week's newspapers and major blog sites for all the news that I missed while I was gone. There wasn't any.

I suppose that the election results from Iraq (which left the Shi'ite/Kurd coalition short of an outright ruling 2/3 plurality) was worth a positive mention. And there are, of course, the Seahawks and the Steelers heading to the Super Bowl (I had hoped for this!). Mostly, it seems, the blogosphere and newspapers were mostly talking about each other, ignoring each other and spinning whatever little piece of information they could find about....well....just about anything (especially if it had the word "Washington D.C." in it).

Today's news can be best summarized as this: "Way to go, Canada, eh?" Now that the Tories are (more or less) in power we should see some melting of the cold shoulder the Canadian government and press have been giving the United States for the past several years.

Now I will stop. I had nothing to say and have undoubtedly proven it.