Friday, January 13, 2006

The Green Bay Packers' Curious Choice of a New Head Coach

Based on intuition and a quick scan of the statistics of measurable success I do not believe that I would have chosen Mike McCarthy as an NFL head coach as the Green Bay Packers did yesterday.

As a Quarterback Coach for the Packers back in 1999, McCarthy managed to coach the Football Hall of Fame-bound Brett Favre to a stellar 8-8 season.

This past year, as the San Francisco 49ers Offensive Coach, McCarthy managed to give his team a power ranking of 30th out of 32 NFL teams.

His offense managed 17 touchdowns in 16 games averaging 242 yards of total passing & rushing offense per game. His team finished 4-12, dead last in the NFC West, a division which pitted them against such powerhouses as the 6-10 Rams and the 5-11 Cardinals.

According to AP, Packers

General Manager Ted Thompson touted McCarthy as someone who could return the franchise to a championship level.

"We feel very good about our future going forward," Thompson said.
Thompson, unfortunately, is not managing a fantasy league team next year.