Wednesday, January 11, 2006

General Hillary Clinton Demands More Body Armor For U.S. Troops

A Pentagon study apparently found that as many as 60%+ of combat-related deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan might have been prevented had a full complement of superior body armor been worn.

Senator Clinton sees this, of course, as a failure on the part of the military and the Bush Administration, saying, "We perhaps could have avoided so many of these fatalities with the right body armor..." adding that she was "just bewildered as to how this president and this vice president continue to isolate themselves from different points of view."

If General Clinton (as Michelle Malkin calls her) had spoken to any of the troops in the field she might have kept her mouth shut. It appears that each soldier is already lugging around over 40 pounds of "stuff" (including armor) and that a balance has to be made between safety and the ability to move. The full armor suggested by Hillary would potentially save lives but would also bring the weight total to nearly 100 pounds, effectively rendering the soldier immovable.

Soldiers' replies to Clinton's huffing and puffing can be found here and many other places on the internet.

This does not mean that more can and ought to be done to protect our troops but, in light of the troop response, it does not appear that the good Senator picked up too many votes from military families on this particular issue.

An anonymous source released this sample illustration of what Hillary believes will provide the protection needed by our troops.

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The halberd, apparently, was Colonel Chelsea's idea.