Friday, December 09, 2005

Was Missile Fired at AA Flight 612 Over LA Last Month?

Check out this story now making the internet rounds.

A missile or rocket may have been fired at American Airlines Flight 612 as it gained altitude after take off from Los Angeles International Airport late last month.

ABC Radio twice aired a news story on the subject. After that the story disappeared.

Is their a government cover-up? Are American passenger jets in danger from shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles?

This story is scary.

Whether it is scary like a Stephen King novel or scary because it is true we do not, as of today, know for sure. Follow the link and decide for yourself.

Be sure to check out the internal link to the LAX airport monitor. Really creepy.
As for the internal link to the air traffic controller recording with AA 612, the relevent bit is literally the last thing on the recording.