Friday, December 16, 2005

NY Times Dramatically Reveals That President Bush IS DOING HIS JOB!

The NY Times thinks it has come up with another hit piece on President George W. Bush. Spilling the classified, top-secret beans concerning a Presidential order permitting the NSA to eavesdrop on certain, approved international contacts from or to the United States without a court order was intended to show how much our personal rights have eroded under Bush's watch.

The news has sent the anti-Bush crowd scurrying around like choreographed bit players in a Broadway musical, spouting predictable lines such as Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer who declared that,
Today's revelation that the government listened in on thousands of phone conversations without getting a warrant is shocking . . .

Also "shocked" was Sen. Russell Feingold, D-Wisconsin, who said,
I can't imagine a more shocking example of an abuse of power.

Personally I am "shocked" that Senator Feingold is not capable of imagining anything more shocking than this.

But this was not the end of Feingold's thoughts because there was so, so much to be shocked about. Here he goes again,
This shocking revelation ought to send a chill down the spine of every American.

Somewhere there just has to be a Democratic Party memo with the phrase, "act as though you are 'shocked' by this revelation by the NY Times."

The memo would be important. Otherwise the Democratic leadership might just slip up and remember that the President long ago informed the appropriate Senators of both parties regarding this matter and received their consent.

Personally, I think that this particular leak of classified information to the NY Times ought to be investigated and the leaker(s) charged with whatever crime is involved with the unauthorized release of such information.

On the other hand, this revelation can only benefit Bush in the long term. No matter what spin the Democrats and the media will try to put on this I believe that most Americans will get the clear message that our President is just doing his job protecting us all from intentional acts of terrorism.

A President who would not seek a way to react swiftly and thoroughly in probing individuals identified from seized terrorist documents has no business being President.

I wish to be the first in the blogosphere to thank the NY Times for making Bush look very competent, decisive, resourceful and.....well....Presidential!

I suspect that, like so many things the liberal wing has tried to use in their attacks on the Bush Administration, this one will create a short-term negative effect that will quickly rebound into even higher satisfaction ratings for Bush.

After all, he promised us that he was going to "hunt them down." Now we know that he has kept his promise. Good on you, President Bush.