Thursday, December 15, 2005

CNN Loses Interest In Historic Vote In Iraq (Yawn)

Image hosted by Photobucket.comToday the Iraqis gave birth to a new government and a new future. It will take a few days or a week before the details of the new "baby" are known.

In many ways it could be said that over 2,000 American soldiers died so that this day could come. It is a day made holy, if not to God then at least to democracy, in their blood.

Many billions of American taxpayer dollars have been spent to rebuild the country and make it safe and hopeful for this election. The controversy of America's leadership in the invasion and occupation of Iraq has stirred the headlines day after day for three years. No one can utter even one criticism of the Bush administration's policy in Iraq without it becoming the top news story of the day.

So, what are the headlines on CNN online today? "Iraq Vote a Success?" Nope.

The headline story is, "Freezing Rain Blasts Across Southeast."

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How about the list of "More News" in the upper-right corner? There are 10 supposedly important stories there (including, "Sex con dupes Amish senior, police say") but not one of them refers to Iraq.

There is a two-minute video news clip about the election that you can watch...but the only news story is buried at the bottom of the page under the heading, "World."

There is an old saying that, "Victory has a hundred fathers but defeat is an orphan." The new Iraq has many brave and worthy parents. CNN is not one of them.