Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Quote of the Day

Yesterday the US Senate, led by Republicans, voted to request President Bush to tell them what is going on in Iraq and what his plans are.

There is no substance to this, of course, because, as defense Sec Rumsfeld said yesterday, we are already sending the Senate over 900 reports each year ("I hope somebody is reading them.").

The point of this action is, of course, political posturing among the Republicans in response to opinion polls saying that folks don't believe what Bush is telling them anymore.

Instead of standing up and telling the nation that this is a bunch of hooey; and instead of standing up and voting a resolution of confidence in the President and his efforts to stabilize the emerging democratic, constitutional government in Iraq, they folded like a piece of rice paper in an origami class.

The Republican abandonment of the President was wonderfully described in an email received by Hugh Hewitt. It is so wonderful that it receives the honor of being my "Quote of the Day."
"Once again, it looks like the Republicans have hit the Democrats in the fist with their mouth."