Saturday, November 26, 2005

Help! We're Running Out of Sea Water!

In today's Honolulu Advertiser there is a letter to the editor that is worth posting simply because of its unassailable logic.

It seems that bottled, purified, desalinated deep-sea water is a big thing in Japan these days. It's a fad thing, like the Pet Rocks of legend.

On the Big Island of Hawaii at least two commercial outfits have plugged into this gold mine and are pumping deep-sea water to the surface where they (surprise!)desalinate, purify and bottle it.

This is, most certainly, the inspiration for this letter. I honestly cannot decide if it is a sincere, but naive, effort from a child or sarcasm written by an adult. Read it and decide for yourself!

Selling Hawai'i's sea water is a no-n0. To read that our precious sea water is being sold for commercial profit is very disheartening and needs some soul-searching.

Taking Hawai'i's sea water could eventually cause environmental danger to shorelines and also to seaweed, fish, crab and so on.

Sea water is in this world for many special reasons; selling it is not one of them.