Friday, September 16, 2005

Niger's Prime Minister Tells the World: "Stop Sending Food To Niger"

Image hosted by Photobucket.comNiger is the poorest country in the world. According to the aid group MSF, however, over 1 million people have not received any food at all in the past six weeks.

But Niger's Prime Minister, Hama Amadou, knows that national pride is far more important to preserve than a million people or so. Accordingly, he has called for an end to the large-scale food distribution program initiated by the United Nations and other relief agencies.

A large part of the country has already harvested its crops and is already eating them, he said....Between now and the end of September the harvest will be completed. We're happy that these crops are of good quality and that the people of Niger will no longer need any food aid.
He lashed out at donor nations that had exploited the situation to make great promises of aid but had, in reality, done little and sent nothing.
Our dignity suffered. And we've seen how people exploit images to pledge aid that never arrives to those who really need it.
At least 40 people a day were dying of hunger and related diseases in just one surveyed area alone.

No doubt those dying folks are feeling much better now, knowing that their country is suddenly (& miraculously) self-sustaining, that large harvests will eliminate their hunger and that the pride and honor of their nation has been restored.

No doubt they will also return to playing polo, lounging by the pool and debating the relative merits of beluga caviar as opposed to those inferior imitations. Bon appetite!

Odd thought: I wonder what Prime Minister Amadou is having for dinner tonight?