Friday, September 16, 2005

Hamas Blows Up Section of Gaza-Egypt Border Wall

Image hosted by Photobucket.comHamas members cleared an area along the Gaza-Egypt border Wednesday and blew a massive hole through the wall.

According to BBC, thousands of Palestinians swarmed through the breech into Egypt. Some sought to visit relatives, others to buy food and other items.

While Egypt condemned the action it did nothing to prevent it.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas declared yesterday that the Palestinian Authority had regained control over the border.

The downside of all this was brought to light on the Hugh Hewitt show today when Hugh, curious about this incident, called up his (very Conservative) American-Israeli friend, Yoni Tidi, for some insight.

Yoni claims that Hamas and al Qaeda operatives had breeched the wall to facilitate the movement of arms and explosives into Gaza from Egypt.

According to Yoni, the cost of an AK-47 rifle had dropped more than 50% in the past two days and the price of ammunition had dropped even more than that. This, he said, was clear evidence that there had been a significant influx of weapons.

I suspect that Yoni is unfortunately correct in his assessment of the motives of Hamas in this matter. I also strongly suspect that neither Abbas nor Egypt are really telling the truth when they say that they have regained control of the border.

It is in both of their interests to keep Israel distracted and destablized.

If I were a resident of Gaza I think that before too long, I would be looking back at the years of Israeli occupation and remembering them as the "good old days."