Friday, September 16, 2005

A Palestinian Needs a Bulldozer

Yesterday somewhere I read about a Palestinian man who returned to his olive orchard in Gaza after the Israeli pullout only to find that all of his trees had been knocked over and buried. He was trying to find a bulldozer so he could dig up and remove the buried trees.

This is ironic insofar as the Presbyterian Church USA (of which I am a member) is proposing to divest itself of its holdings in Caterpillar because Israel uses Caterpillar bulldozers to knock down the homes of suicide bombers and to build their "security wall."

But doesn't the attempt to hurt Caterpillar's finances affect its ability to market its product to places like "Palestine" as well as Israel? If the cost of a Caterpillar tractor or bulldozer goes up, who will it hurt more? An Israeli? or a Palestinian?

The whole point of this "divestment" concept escapes me entirely.

Then again, foolishness needs no justification.