Thursday, September 01, 2005

Chimps Genes Almost Fit Human

Scientists are once again ignoring the evidence and, instead, are projecting their evolutionary doctrine on a set of data that does not really support them.

A genome project designed to compare the genetic makeup of Chimpanzees with humans discovered that "the 3 billion genetic letters lin the two genetic blueprints are 96% identical.

The 40 million genetic differences were, apparently too "small" a number to be of any concern.

The differences were explained as "mutations," some of which were were "so beneficial for survival they quickly became 'the norm throughout humantiy.'"

40 million genetic mutations........let me get my calculator.....OK...if one family line of chimpanzees had the remarkable good fortune of having one favorable genetic mutation in every generation.....and assuming that this family line had the extra-remarkable good fortune of having this good mutation streak occur 40 million times in a row......let's see.....each new generation being born every 20 years.....that would be 20 x 40,000,000 = 800 million years.

By the that would place these chimps back 250 million years before the first multi-celled animals (such as sponges) appeared.

Their conclusions, of course, bear no resemblance to reality, only wishful thinking.....

"Reading these two geneomes side by side, it's amazing to see the evolutionary changes that are occurring," says Robert Waterston of the University of Wathington. "I couldn't imagine Darwin looking for stronger confirmation of his theories."

I can think of many scenarios that would provide "stronger confirmation" Darwin's theories but, unfortunately, none of them have yet been discovered.

I suspect that, in addition to wishful thinking, Mr. Waterston is most likely trying very hard to get a renewal on his lucrative research grant.

What the hey.....just tell them what they want to hear!