Tuesday, August 30, 2005

New Orleans: More Bad News

Brendon Loy at Irish Trojan's Blog shares some very unsettling news:

But before you read it, click here, and you will find the very best map of New Orleans showing what parts are above sea level and the parts that will be under water for a very long, long time.

Sandbag efforts fail; 12- to 15-foot flood expected
8/30/2005 07:24:00 PM EST
Posted by Brendan

Very bad news from WWL-TV:

6:41 P.M. - Efforts to stop the levee break at the 17th Street Canal have ended unsuccessfully and the water is expected to soon overwhelm the pumps in that area, allowing water to pour into the east bank of Metairie and Orleans to an expected height of 12-15 feet.Essentially, everything that is below sea level in New Orleans will be submerged. The Gulf of Mexico is slowly but surely reclaiming the Crescent City.