Thursday, September 01, 2005

Turkey Wins the "Turkey of the Day" Award

Turkey has arrested popular novelist Orhan Pamuk for "insulting the nation and its people by speaking out against the mass deaths of Armenians during and after World War I and the more recent killings of Kurds."

The penal code imposes up to three years in jail for what it describes as "denigrating Turks and Turkey."

So, it's against the law to tell the truth in Turkey these days....

Ahhhh....ummmm....isn't Pamuk a Turk? Aren't the Turkish authorities denigrating him by charging him in this way? Isn't denigrating a Turk against the law?

Oh, I suppose that it's all right to denigrate a denigrator....I hope I didn't denigrate anybody with this post or I could wind up sharing a small room with a popular Turkish novelist.....