Thursday, May 26, 2005

Senate Democrats Thumb Their Noses at John Bolton and Taunt Their Republican Colleagues

Back when I was in elementary school I remember the mean kids sneering at the smaller kids and mocking them with the infamous thumbs-in-the-ear, the finger wiggle and a "nya-na-na-na-na--na!"

I was reminded of that behavior today when the the Senate Democrats filibustered the Republican's attempt to present UN Ambassador nominee John Bolton for an Up or Down confirmation vote.

"Ha, ha, ha!" they seemed to be saying. "We dare you to use the "nuclear option" for an Ambassadorial nomination!"

Senator Majority Leader Bill Frist, who proved earlier in the week that he has lost control of his party membership proved once again that he does not have "the right stuff" to do the job.

It was Frist who insisted on presenting Bolton for confirmation before presenting Circuit Court nominees Janice Brown and William Pryor, who were already guaranteed a final vote by the infamous compromise by the "fallen fourteen."

Now he may have to wait out the Bolton filibuster until the upcoming Senate recess, thereby missing the chance to get the Circuit Court nominees off of the "on-deck circle" where they have been squatting for the past several years.

I keep on telling myself that "he must have plan....he's got to have a plan....he can't be this incompetent....can he?"'s looking more and more each day like he is disintegrating into "Bozo-hood" before our very eyes.

How long can the Republican majority allow the punk kid Democrats to kick sand in their faces? A bully will remain a bully until someone bigger and stronger smacks him down and puts him in his place. I'm not suggesting violence, of course, but if the Republicans do not feel that they are strong enough to call the opposition's bluff, then they do not deserve to be the majority at all.

It now appears that the Democrats set out the compromise over Circuit Court nominees (allowing three to get through but making no further promises for the next two nor regarding any upcoming Supreme Court nominations) with the full intention of flaunting and abusing the filibuster rule on all other non-judicial appointments.

And Frist and the Republicans stand around as if they are "Shocked! Shocked!" by all of this! Those who should be in command of the situation look like a bunch of amateurs.

When are they going to publically declare the Senate Democrats to be "obstructionist?" When are they going to begin to leverage negative publicity against the Democrats for their outrageous and unprecidented behavior?

I've been waiting for five months to see what plan the Republicans have concocted. After the events of the past week I am becoming convinced that there is no plan....only indecision and confusion.

When I take our dog for a walk she likes to stop at nearly every tree to either sniff or to pee. Senate Republicans are looking a lot like trees lately.