Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Denmark Tries to Tax Sperm Donors

According to BBC News, the Danish government, always seeking new sources of revenue, wants to begin taxing sperm donors. The nation's main sperm bank has countered by saying that being required to release the names of donors so they can be taxed would force them to close their doors.
In a letter to Taxation Minister Kristian Jensen, the compan defended the donors' right not to pay tax, saying: "It is a special kind of work and the fees paid cannot be compared to normal working income."
I can see the job resumes... Previous employment: "Sperm donor." I wonder what that work experience qualifies someone for? If the sperm bank shut down would that make the donors eligible for unemployment benefits?

Best of all is the BBC News' teaser line for this article: "Sperm bank fears donors may dry up under new Danish tax." You've gotta love those Brits!