Thursday, April 28, 2005

President Bush Speaks on Energy & Social Security

I enjoyed listening to Dubya take on the press this evening. He seems to almost enjoy the opportunity to speak straight out what he thinks and answer the tough and often "gotcha" style questions.

My three responses:

Energy: Didn't Jimmy Carter, or Gerald Ford, or Ronald Reagan, or somebody present these same ideas before? Where's the beef?

Social Security: Although I was born in 1951 and will fall into the "New and Improved" Social Security proposal; and although it sounds like I may lose some of my anticipated retirement benefits in order to shore up the greater needs of the lower-income retirees; in spite of all this, I think I like what the President says. It's really a tax increase in disguise, especially for the higher wage earners, since their contributions stay the same but their benefits are reduced. But, nonetheless, I like the private account idea. Bush talks as if he believes that the American people are smart enough to make decisions about such things. The Democrats talk as though the American people (or at least the poor and minority ones) are not smart or reliable enough to be entrusted with their own if "Big Brother will all the thinking for you!" I think Bush is right, that most Americans are smart enough to like his idea....and that most Americans are far more intelligent than the Democrats would like to think!

Bonus: When "Hutch" asked the final question of the press conference, in referring to the proposed lowering of Social Security income returns for wealthy retirees, he added, "like Dick Cheney."

Without a blink, Bush immediately shot back, "Now let's not get personal, here. That was a cheap shot!"

Undoubtedly many of the more radical Democrats felt that Bush & Cheney got "nailed" with that remark, virtually everyone else in the nation will probably agree with Bush that the comment was tacky, inappropriate and mean spirited. I believe that the President hit a home run with his quick retort.