Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Terri Schiavo Gains Some New Friends

Terri, at this late and grave hour, has discovered that she has more friends than she thought she had; and from some unexpected places.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson arrived in Florida and has been lobbying Florida State legislators who voted against the law that would have prevented the removal of her feeding tube to change their votes.

Writer Nat Hentoff, writing for the Village Voice, expressed his repugnance for the legal maneuvering that has allowed an American court to sanction starving someone to death, calling it "judicial murder."

Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters wonders if commentators on the left such as Paul Krugman of the New York Times will be including Jesse and Nat in their characterizations of Terri's supporters being "Right-Wing Bible Thumpers!"

This episode in the Schiavo drama reminds me of the epic poem, "The Song of Roland." Roland, realizing that he and his men are about to be defeated by the Muslim forces (who are invading France at the time), blows on his horn for help. Charlemagne hears the alarm but arrives too late. All are dead.

I am glad, of course, for this public support from such high-profile, liberal Democrats. In this particular case, however, "better late than never" will bring small consolation to Terri's family. Just ask Roland.