Saturday, March 26, 2005

Easter Poem 2005

Red Lake is weeping and Terri is dying;
Jetseta, Jessica lie in their graves.
Easter is here but the women keep crying.
How are able to claim, “Jesus saves?”

Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Korea.
People are dying who yearn to breathe free.
“Jesus has risen!” Is that the idea?
Why then do people keep ceasing to be?

Innocent people whose lives have been taken;
Justice denied and the wicked rejoice.
Why are the children and helpless forsaken?
Where is the Savior who’ll lift up his voice?

One tomb is empty while others keep filling.
Blood that was shed for poor sinners has dried.
Where is the mercy amidst all the killing?
Where is the hope for all those who have died?

Somewhere near Bethany, Jesus is standing.
“Golden Jerusalem” spreads out below.
Why is he weeping instead of commanding
That “Peace and Goodwill” unite both friend and foe?

Love is the answer for love is the reason
God lets us choose what our future will be.
Choices confront us whatever the season.
Loving? or Hating? The choice must be free.

God’s love is perfect but ours is not nearly.
We choose the wrong way more often than not.
Sin is what comes when we fail to see clearly
What we should do. We deserve what we’ve got.

Easter does not mean that sin is deleted.
Sin still runs free though it’s future is sure.
Easter reveals that sin’s pow’r is defeated.
Death has been slain and Christ’s blood is the cure.

Jetseta, Jessica, death will not hold you.
Easter’s a victory Jesus will share.
With him you’ll rise; in his arms he’ll enfold you.
All of your sins and your griefs he will bear.

Those up in Red Lake and poor, starving Terri;
Jesus has risen! The dead, too, will rise!
In him is Life—it is death you will bury!
God’s love in heav’n you will see with your eyes!

Innocent people will die as I’m writing.
Still God is ruling in heaven on high.
We who remain here in faith must keep fighting.
Love is our weapon, and vict’ry’s our cry!

One day our Lord will return. We will greet him.
Those who are dead will arise like the Son.
We who are living will rise up to meet him.
Heaven and earth will at last become one.

Hallelujah! Amen!