Monday, February 21, 2005

"Bird of Paradise" Worth Bucks!

I just discovered that an outfit called BlogShares has just listed me as a potential "site for sale." The information on their site is as follows:

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Valuation B$3,303.43
Added 19:11 20 Nov 2004
Last Updated 00:19 21 Feb 2005
Status Available to Trade.
Industries None[
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They also post all sorts of other data regarding my site. I wonder where they get it from? Hugh Hewitt? BlogRolling? SiteMeter? TTLB? I guess blogging is sorta like George "W" in my previous post...except for the blogger, you KNOW you are being taped!

Oh...and by the way, if anyone has $3,303.43 they want to throw away just let me know!