Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Barak Obama vs. John Howard--No Contest

Here's my read on the recent verbal exchange between Australian Prime Minister John Howard and U.S. Senator Barak Obama. It's as though the little boy in the famous "Mean Joe Green" Coca-Cola commercial chewed Green out for being a wimp and added that he could do a better job of it on the field. B.O. would then try to get Howard's "jersey" while keeping hthe Coke for himself, too!

Howard has taken many political bruises and beatings for his firm and uncompromising stand against Islamist terrorism. Obama has, to date, suffered nothing for his positions on anything. The one man holds the highest elected national office in Australia. The other . . . well . . . should know better. The two men are not even in the same league.

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If you don't recognize the photo then click on it and watch what has been voted one of the best (if not THE best) television commercials of all time.