Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Purdue Football Coach Throws Hissy-Fit Over Hawaii

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Purdue football coach Joe Tiller has known for over a year that he was scheduled to play the 9-2 University of Hawaii at Hawaii this coming Saturday. So, he choses the week before the game to call it a "value-less game" for the Boilermakers. Now THAT will be sure to inspire his 8-4 team.

According to the Honolulu Advertiser's sports writer Ferd Lewis,
Tiller . . . bemoaned the 13-hour trip, a 13th regular-season game, the players' time away from their families on Thanksgiving, the humidity, the fact the school said it will lose money on the game and that this is the (Hawaii) Warrors' best team.
I'm thinking that the famous Hawaii spirit of Aloha is going to be stretched mighty thin when Tiller and Co. arrive in Honolulu tonight. If I were University of Hawaii Athletic Director Herman Frazier or Head Football Coach June Jones I do not think that I would be standing in line at the airport to give the Purdue coach a lei.

I wonder how the 3,000 Purdue fans who have purchased tickets to see their team play at Aloha Staduim on Saturday feel about their coach's comments? Mr. Motivational speaker he ain't!

From what he has said, I would expect that Tiller will be using this Hawaii outing to punish those players who have gotten on his wrong side during the past 12 games, as in:
"Williams! You suck! Your grade point average has you on academic probation, you've been late to four of the last five team practices and your mother dresses you funny! You know what this means, don't you?"

"Yes, coach. I know. I'll have to go and play in that d--d Hawaii game and miss Thanksgiving with my family. Please, coach, please! Give me another chance! I'll do better! I'll be good! Just don't make me go to Hawaii! Pleeeeeease!"
Maybe this can be the new NCAA penalty for teams found guilty of gross misconduct. I can hear it now:
"The University of Alabama, being found guilty of multiple recruiting violations and gross misconduct in the administration of its football program is hearby sentenced to three years' probation during which time they will not be eligible for any post-season bowl games and will be required to play the University of Hawaii in Honolulu at least twice."
Wait a second! My bad! That actually happened, didn't it?

What will happen next? An outright NCAA boycott of all away games with the University of Hawaii? Teams will be lining up to turn their backs on late Autumn humidity of a tropical paradise. They will, of course, all wearing mukluks and down jackets emblazoned with the words, "I'd rather spend the winter in Indiana!"


I'm thinking of going to the game just to boo when they announce Joe Tiller's name over the PA system.

Then I'll show my aloha for his team. After all, with a coach like Tiller, they'll need all the support they can get.