Thursday, March 16, 2006

Is a New Al-Qaeda Attack On It's Way?

"Chatter" is up concerning the possibility of one or more al-Qaeda attacks on the United States in the next few days or weeks.

Internet speculation, compiled by the Anchoress here, here and here, is looking at the Sear's Tower in Chicago and this weekend's NASCAR race on March 19 in Atlanta where up to 125,000 people are expected to attend. March 19 would be doubly symbolic, being one day short of the third anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.

Too many Americans have become fat, sassy and deluded into thinking that we are not really vulnerable to a terrorist attack. Small-scale attacks causing light damage and relatively few casualties could be brought off fairly easily, along the lines of Hamas suicide bombers in Israel.

But al-Qaeda has, in the past, scorned such amateurish attacks, preferring to go for the massive, well-planned, spectacular assault such as the African embassy bombings, the USS Cole, Bali and 9/11.

If they do manage to pull off another attack it will be a big one. But, if they think it will recreate the panic and crushing emotional devastation of 9/11, they will be very mistaken.

My guess is that the media and Democrats will immediately blame the Bush administration for incompetence in implementing an effective Homeland Security program.

The American people, however, will instinctively be drawn to the stability and single-minded purpose of President Bush.

In the aftermath of another attack the Democrats will shrink and shrivel in size as the public recalls their constant nay-saying and negative criticisms of everyone about everything. This negativity will come back to haunt them and label them as the party that says "No" to every Republican idea without offering even one single positive idea of their own.

When the going gets tough, Americans can be trusted to gravitate towards a rock and away from a waffle.

Al-Qaeda . . . be warned. Another attack will not be good for your health.

Pray, along with me, that these master-minds of terror will falter and their plans come to nothing.