Friday, December 23, 2005

Who's Leaking All the National Security Programs?

Is it just me or is anybody else wondering who leaked the radiation testing project being conducted by the FBI? US News and World Report carried the story so somebody had to let them in on it.

So far we've had CIA airplane transportation systems outed, secret terrorist holding facilities in Eastern Europe revealed, warrant-less international communication monitoring of US residents/citizens by the NSA uncovered on the front page of the NY Times and now the FBI radiation testing program.

This is more than just a leaky ship...this is a conspiracy to destroy the Bush Administration at the cost of American security.

Is it treason?

If this sort of information was given or sold to a foreign country it would be considered to be an act of espionage...but it would still be "secret," at least from other nations and from the public. To publicly release this information for the sole purpose of undermining the effectiveness of our nation's War on Terror is unconscionable.

This is something that an enemy of the United States would do. It is not something that a patriot or loyal American citizen would do.

A lifetime in Leavenworth might be too easy a sentence for these traitors.

Where is the investigation? Who will conduct it? It must stop. It is nothing short of terrorism in our midst.