Saturday, October 29, 2005

What's Wrong With This Story?

Have you heard about the rioting outside Paris the past three days? Of course not. No one in the American media has printed or said anything about it. Two people are dead, 29 police vehicles destroyed, vandalized buildings and rioters tried to burn down a police station. The situation was so bad that this was the good news in the article:
There were no clashes with police (last night), unlike previous nights, although 13 people were arrested, mostly while carrying hammers or petrol cans.
Even if you had read the articles written about it in France you might not have understood who was rioting. Read the article here and then ask yourself what's missing in the article? (Hint: The only reference to Muslims is complimentary)

UPDATE: The BBC seems to have omitted who was rioting as well. I guess that the identity of rioters is no longer of any interest to readers or, one assumed, the police. It is curious that the word "immigrant" is used. I suppose that could mean that the rioters were expatriate Canadians? Why is the news media so reluctant to give us the news?