Thursday, October 20, 2005

Able Danger Strikes Again--Is Anybody Listening?

Last August I posted here on U.S. Congregssman Curt Weldon and his attempts to get some political and news media traction on what appeared to be a Front Page "no-brainer."

Weldon presented compelling evidence that a government intelligence group code named "Able Danger" identified an al-Qaeda terrorist cell along with serveral of the 9-11 terrorist/hijackers (including Mohammed Atta) by name over a year before the actual attacks.

Weldon wanted to know why the information was squelched and by whom and why the Congressional 9-11 Commission did not report on this matter even though the material had been presented to it during its investigation.

Well, after more than two more months of effort, all Weldon has now gathered a total of 7 former Able Danger associates who are willing to swear that this story is true. CIA and DOD Intelligence people are claiming that all Able Danger documents have been destroyed and are forbidding all former Able Danger members who are still under their employment to say anything more about this matter.

One of his witnesses, a Colonel who received a Bronze Star for his intelligence work, has even had threats that his medical coverage, which includes his children, might be revoked.

What is going on here. What is being covered whom.....and why? Certainly there can be little danger to national security since, according to the Intelligence community itself, Able Danger has been defunct for over two years.

Today, (see here (Michelle Malkin), here (Captain's Quarters) and especially here (Sean Hannity interview with Weldon) Weldon added to his accusations, revealing that former Able Danger members are also willing to testify that they notified the US Navy over two weeks before the attack on the US Cole in Yemen that there was a plot to attack US military interests there. They told the Navy NOT to allow the Cole to enter the harbor or dock there.

Two days before the attack they repeated their request and the evidence for it.

The Navy ignored both requests. The Cole entered Yemen. Terrorists attacked just as the Able Danger team had said they would. Seventeen sailors were killed and 39 others were injured in the blast.


Where is the media? Where is the pursuit of truth? Does no one care that the World Trade Center and the passengers and crew of four commercial airline flights might still be alive if anyone had listened to any of these reports?

Not to mention the loss of lives and material in the bombing of the USS Cole?

This story is not going to go away.

People in high places are trying very hard to hide something.

I suspect it must be something very, very important.

But instead, we are "captivated" by the side-show of "who outed CIA 'pseudo-sleuth' Plame."

On a scale of importance from 1 to 10 it seems to me that one of these is a 1 and the other is a 10.

I'll leave it to you to decide which is which.

Apparently the US news media has already cast their vote.