Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Lou Dobbs Slams Bush, Kennedy & McCain On Immigration Fiasco

CNN's Lou Dobbs has a bully pulpit on the cable news channel. But his employers also let him write down his thoughts and editorialize from time to time.

Today he asks President Bush and Senators Kennedy and McCain if they take the people of the United States to be fools for actually believing that any new legislation on illegal immigraion that might get passed would ever be implemented or enforced.

Neither the President nor the Congress has made any attempt to enforce the laws that are already in effect. Why should we believe that they would enforce new ones?

Dobbs' column is short and sweet. It is not a knock-out punch by any means; more of a sharp jab to the jaw.

The fact that he connects solidly simply proves how vulnerable these so-called national leaders really are. Unless they get their act together on the immigration issue and put some teeth into curbing illegal border entries from the south there will be a lot of incumbants who will find themselves slipping in the polls by the time this fall arrives.

Along with Dobbs I can only ask, why can't these folks do the right thing that seems to be obvious to just about everybody in the country except for them?

As it so happens, they are the ones who are looking like fools.