Monday, February 27, 2006

Suspected Gunman Shoots and Kills Suspected Victim In Church

The AP story relating the tragic fatal shooting of a woman during morning worship in Detroit illustrates just how far the art of journalism has fallen.

The story begins with this paragraph,
A suspected gunman who opened fire with a shotgun during a church service Sunday morning killed a woman and wounded two people before he shot himself a mile away, police said.
A suspected gunman? You've got to be kidding!

Was the suspected victim shot and killed by a suspected gunman during what is suspected to have been a church worship service?

I guess until the legal system sorts all this out it wouldn't be fair to anyone, especially the suspected gunman, to prejudice the public with the obvious facts of the case.

I suspect that the suspected writer of this article, suspectly identified as Michael J. Feeney, suspected that the suspected gunman should be suspected of being innocent until proven guilty of actually being the suspected gunman suspected of shooting and murdering the suspected victim.

It all sounds suspicious to me.